Other Possibilities

27 April – 23 May 2019

Nergiz Yeşil’s project entitled “Other Possibilities” on view at Pg Basement between 27 April and 23 May 2019 consists of an installation inspired by kombucha culture and a book prepared by Yeşil herself.

The installation which belongs to the artist’s new series “The Same Root Different Species ‘Other Possible Normals’” offers a critique of the relativism of historiography presupposed to have a cumulative structure, and epistemology through developing an alternative mental reality.

This critical approach is crystallized not only in the new species created with organic materials from a speculative-fictional perspective but also in the book offering knowledge on the so-called species. The form of presentation of the content of the book renders the knowledge of the species physically accessible but also gives rise to mentally impenetrable situations. As a result, the audience is simultaneously both limited and set free by his/her imagination about the characteristics of this allegedly new species.

For the installation that simulates the birth of the speculative-fictional species, Yeşil fermented in her studio a biological material in strong resemblance with “victimless skin” an element taken over from kombucha culture.